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Are you frustrated with your lead generation and online sales results?

Do you want to focus on getting client results and working ON your business instead of getting lost IN the business?

We have a unique software solution that will help you get results
without feeling tech-overwelmed!

Leads & Conversions

Solutions with only one focus: Getting you results to grow your business while saving you time

Professional Development

All of the software is continuously being supported and advanced with new features

Amazing Support

Our amazing team will assist you via DM, email, or even zoom call when you need help or have technical issues

how can these softwares help you?

Explore our all-in-one software solution that is created by business owners to make their life easier - and now also yours!

Simple marketing tools

All the features You'll ever Need to
more dream clients on auto-pilot!

Price can increase at any moment!

  • Keyword Based Lead Generation on auto-pilot: Type in the keyword you want to target (such as "CEO", "roofer", etc.)

  • ​​Custom Settings: Determine wait times, pick up from where you left off, personalized messaging with spin text, and more.

  • Save Time: No longer waste time on manual outreach, engagement, Group management, trying to keep track of leads, managing your posts or friends list, or any of those time consuming, yet crucial daily tasks.

  • ​Profile switcher: Create and switch between different profiles to separate & organize pipelines of multiple businesses or clients.

Usually $2,554/month
Now only $297/month

Don't just take our word for it..

Hear what other business owners like yourself

have to say about simple marketing tools:

3 reasons
  • ​​The price of the software can increase any time because great new features are being added every few weeks

  • Every day you waste your time on tasks these tools can do for you, you are missing out on priceless moments and memories money can not buy back

  • ​If you don't love it you can cancel anytime

Let's recap everything you're getting in this insane offer!

Messenger CRM: Organize your pipeline using tags so that you know exactly where your leads are in the buying process and who to follow-up with. No more leads slipping through the cracks! You'll be managing 5 to 10x more conversations, allowing you to save time and close more deals.

Messenger Marketing: Send bulk messages to your contacts with a specific tag to promote a freebie, tell them about your new offer or get them excited and signing up for a special discount. Our tools allows you to focus your efforts on your hottest leads without taking hours or even days searching through your contacts to figure out where your leads are in the buying process.

Templated Responses: Free up your valuable time with quicker and stronger messaging using built-in message templates. Create templated responses that answer your most frequently asked questions, provide quick links to your landing pages, and so much more. Boosts your productivity and navigate your DM conversations with confidence, which means closing more deals with ease!

Simple Friend Finder: Generate leads on Facebook on auto-pilot and without the need for big advertising budgets. Target only your ideal and potential customers using custom keywords that you can save for each ideal client profile.

Birthday Wisher: Make your leads feel prioritized and remembered by effortlessly and automatically wishing them a happy birthday on their special day.

Facebook Group Manager: you no longer have to waste time on managing all aspects of your Facebook group. We created the perfect group management tool to keep track of your group members with ease, moving your group members from cold to hot leads and ascending them up the value ladder more quickly. With this tool, you'll be nurturing your group members on autopilot and are even able to save your group membership questions and collected email addresses without ever having to manually import them to sheets or email lists again.

Engagement Manager: The easiest and quickest way to build engagement and grow your reach is by engaging with others. Cheat the algorithm by engaging with your audience on auto-pilot, with no more than 1-click of a button. You'll discover how this helps you build stronger relationships, receiving more engagement in return, which leads to a bigger reach, and ultimately...to more sales.

Post Scheduler: Always stay on track and consistent with your content game, sharing value with your potential clients to show up as a credible expert and build know, like, and trust. SMT has a built- in content calendar and allows you to pre-schedule content to your Facebook business page, your Facebook group and even better... your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE.

B2B Leads: Download unlimited B2B Leads in minutes! Easily search for and download targeted leads based on industry, city, state. You can even filter the leads by geo location, number of reviews, and ratings. This game-changing feature helps you generate 100's of leads within minutes (in the background, and while you can work on other things). The Tomba and Hunter integrations allows you to scrape email addresses from your leads, you can then either download all the leads as a CSV file or you can send the data to your CRM, Go High Lever account, Email service provider, or other prefered software.

Integrations: Direct integration with Go High Level and Google Calendar is coming soon. You also have the freedom to create custom automations with any other software or platform using Webhooks. The option to use Webhooks creates endless possibilities and allows you to send your leads, contact details, and other data anywhere you'd like. Imagine the number of hours this will save you on a daily basis. You will be able to automate actions and contact or respond to people in seconds, increasing conversions as well as customer satisfaction.

Get All The Above Now At The Very Special BETA Price Of ONLY $97/month

Buy now or miss out!

Prices will increase any day

Our software is constantly being upgraded with new features, hence why prices will be increased soon. Buy now to lock in your price,  new upgrades will be added to existing accounts free of charge.

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We Get Things Done - Fast!

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What is your time worth to you?

here's what you're getting with simple marketing tools!




All-In-One Marketing Software 👉

Low Cost

Easy to Start

  • Automated Lead Generation: Generate targeted leads on auto-pilot every.single.day

  • ​​​Messenger CRM: Organize & optimize your pipeline and never lose track of your leads again

  • ​Messenger Marketing: Increase conversions and save loads of time with messenger marketing

  • ​Facebook Group Management: Easily manage and monetize your Facebook Groups

  • Engagement Manager: Boost your engagement and get more eyes on your content and your business

  • Birthday Wisher: Make your contacts feel special and remembered on their birthday

  • Post Scheduler: Pre-schedule content to you FB Page, any FB Group, or even to your personal FB profile

  • B2B Leads: Scrape email addresses of targeted or local leads in minutes

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